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Sunday, 12 December 2010

And the winner is.....

Why hello Dear Bloggers...hows things with you...well I did the random number generator thingy...but I will keep you waiting .. just for a bit.

First things first...a bit of Christmas Nostalgia...I really feel nostalgic especially this time of heres a blast from my Christmas Past..

Well what 10 year olds Christmas wouldn't be complete without...

Thats right a girly Christmas Annual..I still have all mine!

A romantic Christmas film too?

Why Hello there Mr Richard isn't he dreamy?

Lets not forget some chocolate...

What have Quality Street done to their tins these days...they are hideous!! (I used to love the 'Lady and Gentleman' on these tins...and yes the chocolate triangles are thinner than they used to be..)

When I was growing up we had a mini bar in the front room, with optics and high stools....and my mum used to make...

Snowballs... really rather gross when you thing about it...kinda alcoholic eggy milkshake really..

Prawn cocktail to follow....

Lets not forget some Christmas perfume...

I always buy myself a bottle of this, this time of year...the smell just reminds me of Christmas, back in the 80's!

And in the afternoon, whats on the telly?

Half a it, love the songs too!

And if you don't want to spend the 3 main days at Christmas at home...why not spend it at Butlins instead? (I remember 3 Christmases spent at holiday camps - I thought they were the most glamourous places ever!)

So thanks to Mr Google for the images I found..hope you don't mind me borrowing them :0)

Now on to announcing Little Sues new owner (Here she is with Stanley)

Drum roll please..........................................................thankyou number generator dodah....

the winner





Please can you email me your address?

Thanks for entering dear Bloggersxx

Happy Sunday!

Love Sam xx


Jo said...

Congratulations to Lyn. I remember my mum, who doesn't usually drink alcohol, always having a snowball at Christmas.

im zoe said...

Congrats to your lovely winner Lyn, i loved yout post with all the christmas nostalgia.


JoJo said...

CONGRATULATIONS LYN!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! :D

That was a lovely trip down memory land, Sam. I enjoy hearing about other people's holiday traditions! It sounds like you had a wonderful upbringing!

Lyn said...

what a great post Sam, everything was just like it was MY Christmas past! there is a great exhibition at Bankfield Museum in Halifax all about the 75th Anniversary of Quality Street being made in Halifax!
and THANK YOU so much Sam for entering me into your fab give away and wow I won!!!!!
will email you later hun.

two bones and a bagle said...

Snowball - gross - I love them. Yum. Great blog. will call again.

two bones and a bagle said...

I love snowballs of the alcoholic, eggy,milkshakey kind. LOL.

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