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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

You must see this..

With Natalie Portman - I watched this last night...she even did all the ballet I used to do a spot of dancing myself back in my youth, and can remember having my legs yanked up as high as they would go by my ballet tutor Miss Pigott..

But if you love the film The Red Shoes - but enjoy, like me something a bit darker...and dare I say sexier...WATCH THIS!!

xxx Nighty Night!


JoJo said...

I am, unfortunately, not into the ballet genre. I so wanted to like the Nutcracker when I saw it on TV!! I never showed any interest in taking ballet, and further, I was too uncoordinated anyway! lol

I hear Ms. Portman is engaged and expecting with her dance instructor for this film. I also hear she's a contender for the Oscar for this film. What an exciting year 2011 will be for her!


That actually looked like the Star Wars' Rebel logo. Padme Amidala doing ballet. Well, I'm just being imaginary. I will try to watch this movie soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

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