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Monday, 8 March 2010

One sad little William..

Yes what a bad person I am...dear William still has no tail and I think it may be causing him some distress..

Luckily Stanley is on hand...hes in a rather good mood, as I recently emailed the Cath Kidston letters page about him, and hes hoping that maybe, just maybe someone will email back....(Don't tell him I'm not that confident!)
I have also started work on some other 'creations' and their 'bits and bobs' are residing in a wicker basket, as to be honest I could do with a few more hours in the day!

What Stanley doesn't realize is that I may take my scissors to him, to 'weather' him a bit more, I always get a little nervous doing that! But I do have something nice to look forward too this week as I have a couple of days off, so I can visit my parents in Devon..(while Mr M stays home as he is too busy working). So I'm going to take some of my projects home with I rather like crafting with Ma and Pa..normally with a rather large Gin and Tonic! And if I feel brave, I may look into setting up a little etsy shop...mmmm still a bit nervous bout that one!

Hope you are all well this cold evening here in the UK!!

Love from Sam xx

PS THANKYOU so much again for your encouraging comments xxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

William and Stanley are so beautiful, and you are so talented.

I agree William does need a special tail.


All things nice... said...

Aww how sweet, they are best friends :)

All things nice...

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Go on, have a few G&Ts and then set up a shop for us all! Your teddies are so cute - shall we all send you tails to see if any suit little bunny :-)?

made with love said...

How cute. Good luck with thee email;)
Have fun with your mum and dad,
Rachael XX

ag said...

they look like you and Rob.....cutness

Michelle Palmer said...

Sweet little ones!
I was nervous about starting my Etsy shop. I began thinking of it as an extension of my blog and it all fell into place. Your work is beautiful and I know many will treasure it~
Best wishes!

GardenofDaisies said...

Don't worry William, your tail is on the way. And Stanley, when the lady comes at you with the scissors, trust her. She knows what she is doing.

Lilly Higgins said...

That first photo is so gorgeous! I actually felt a bit teary when I saw it! Maybe make William a sailor hat to make up for his lack of tail! They're so beautiful, well done x

Lucy Joy said...

shop shop shop shoppppp :) do it! xxx

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