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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A friend for Hamish...

Well the sewing/toy making bug has well and truly bitten me...and I really want to make more characters..

Can you guess what I want to make?

I have had a little preview of a further chapter of Hamish's adventures concerning something with a cotton tale... and as Easter is coming what better animal to make? It would be nice to think that one day I might be able to make, sell and illustrate toys and characters...thats my little dream anyway...

Otherwise my house is going to get filled up with more and more soft toys!

I would love to know what you think...

Hope you are well this Tuesday!

Love Sam xx

PS Hamish is well on his travels...he may even need a passport !! :0)


made with love said...

Blimey you are working fast.
What a sweet little thing.
Have fun, hope the sun is shining,
Rachael XX

Felted House said...

Follow your dream - seriously - do everything you can to take steps towards what you'd really like to be doing - time rushes past so quickly. You have heaps of talent for making toys with great unique characters and it would be lovely to see a new addition - someone with a cotton tail will be perfect! xx

Shabby Chick said...

Your bunny is so gorgeous! I think you should stick with your dream, you've got lots of talent :)

Mel xxx

JoJo said...

You MUST make a bun friend for Hamish!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Ooooh a cotton tailed "Wabbit" and i am glad to hear that Hamish is still on his travels... and I wouldn't put anything past the EU regarding passports for toys... anything to make a bit more money! lol

go for it and keep plugging away...

X Alex

pussman said...

I know!
Toy making is terribly addictive!
I wonder if I ever will recover and we live in a very small house!That is the problem.
I stopped counting the number I have already made and I am only doing this for 4-5 months now! HMMM!
My husband is not yet complaining.
I love the velveteen rabbit!
It is one off my favorit books!
I have an old copy of it!
But where did you get the rabbit??

pussman said...

Did you make this rabbit??
If so , CONGRATULATIONS! You wanna swap?
Rabbit Cat bear??

Erika said...

Hi Sam! Thanks for the kind words on my blog...very encouraging indeed! I LOVE that old timey rabbit and nice work on the dogs!

Country Cottage Chic said...

I used to make quite a lot of bears but must admit that it is a long time since I did. I still have stashes of mohair, eyes, joints etc & keep thinking I should make some again.
They are addictive once you start & I say "YES" you should make more of your cute critters!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Follow your dreams always and the rest will fall into place! Of course, making a bunny is a fabulous idea in my book! Can't wait to see it!
hugs to you my friend, keep up the wonderful creative adventure.

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