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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Miss Lucy Fox-Brown

I would like to introduce you to Miss Lucy-Fox Brown...she is a new member of the 'Gingerwine' vintage toy gang! She feels the cold (just like me !) so has a little grey scarf to keep her warm.

Lucy is mainly a bear...and blames her 'fox ears' on a distance relative..

She also has a felt waistcoat with one of Hamish's spare coat buttons...she figured that he wouldn't want it, or miss it at the moment (Seeing as he is doing a spot of business in London) and an old fob watch as a necklace, that has no hands but is pretty and apparently rather fashionable...

Lucy Fox -Brown also rather likes the sunshine, as do my other toys...and prefers to be called by her 'full' name...

But they will all have to stay in for the evening now...
and get tucked in cozy for the night...

My gang are here to help me work on some 'characters' for illustrations..which I will show you as soon as I have painted something (If I'm brave enough!) and maybe one day I may set up a little bear/painting shop...:0)...

Lucy is made, just like the others, from my original Hamish pattern..but with the aid of a trusty photocopier I change the dimensions just a bit to make each character a bit different. She is made from a ginger mohair, practically the same colour as my hair, and is fully jointed and stuffed the old fashioned way (thanks mum for my vintage teddy book !)

Happy Tuesday !
Love Sam xx

PS...theres a mini bear coming next!!


ag said...

Lucy fox is my favorite one....LOVE her xoxoxoxoxo

made with love said...

How quickly do you work? I am sooooo impressed, it would take me weeks to create anything so lovely.
I love her.
Have fun,
Rachael XX

Felted House said...

They do so remind me of Old Bear and the others in the Jane Hissey stories I used to read with my boys - a whole group of friends together, I wonder what adventures they'll get up to while you're out of the room! xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I am rather jealous or the party it looks like you teddies are having on the last photo, they look like they are having a fab time :-)

Bagladee said...

Oooh she is sooooo pretty, x

pussman said...

She turned out real well!
I like her proportions!
I regret it that you don't live in the neighbourhood!
We could work together!
I think we are both obsessed.
I long to see your next project!
Wouldn't you love to join the teddy bear fair in Londen in september?
I would love to have a little stand there!I wonder if it's expensive.

GardenofDaisies said...

I love her little fox ears! :-)

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely :)
Can't wait to see the new mini one :) x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh dear.... has poor Miss lucy had a run in with the local hunt? I fear there may be a sad story brewing regarding her missing tail! at least she survived the ordeal... lol

she is beautiful... I am inspired to finish my jointed bear... I never completed hime after the workshop... naughty me! ;D

x Alex

JoJo said...

Each new critter is more adorable than the last!!!! Pleased to meet you Miss Lucy Fox-Brown!!! And man alive do you work quickly!!

The picture of the 4 of them is so sweet. It looks like they are going to sit down to tea!

Ali said...

What a beautiful bunch x

Anonymous said...

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Lilly Higgins said...

What a gang! They're gorgeous all together. I love foxes so Miss Lucy Fox-Brown is just amazing to me. You should definitely set up a little shop, people go crazy for this type of thing! Well done!

Gina said...

oohhhh what beauty's...... want them all..

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