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Thursday, 25 March 2010

No time for sewing...

Well I have been running a bit low on energy these last couple of days with my sewing projects, as I have been thinking about more illustration ideas, and as I work full time, sitting in front of a sewing machine at 8pm has been a bit of a struggle this week!

My eyes are tired, but I still look about all the time for ideas and inspiration..

'Mood boards' are a bit of a posh word for my inspiration boards are just giant pinboards..

Covered with pictures I have painted and patterns and colours I like..

I rush about, using my time as best as I can..I just wish I had a few more hours of energy! I want to make some more 'teacup bears' too and some more animals..

But my eyes have had it today...

Happy Thursday, and nighty night!!

Sam xx


Alex said...

It terrified me when I was at art college when the lecturers pointed out that most furnishing fabric companies expect a design a day... hence I went freelance and eventaully had a family and gave up completely! one day I will design and draw again! ;D

Keeping it fresh and new is sometimes a big struggle and big hugs and any artistic virtual hugs are yours...

x Alex

JoJo said...

Your illustrations and paintings are amazing!

Felted House said...

I'm astounded at how much you achieve while still working full-time, when I was working full-time I used to fall asleep some evenings and was certainly fit for nothing even if I did stay awake! I do love that coal tit painting so much (bird obsession again!) xx

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