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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Nostalgic Spaces...

Even when I was small I was obsessed with rooms and houses...and making things pretty. I would literally on a weekly basis sometimes with my friends re-arrange our make them as nice and organized as possible. Not bad going considering I was about 9 or 10 at the time. And the urge to rearrange things and rooms hasn't left me at all, infact I love creating nostalgic spaces, filled with flotsam and jetsam that I have collected or kept from years gone by it makes me feel cozy and homey.
Having Silkie live with us has made our house feel even more cozy and homey, that I can't believe I have never had a pet before..

what was i missing all these years..

Plus Mr M said this morning..
'you know I'm not closed to the idea of getting a kitten...'

What shall we do?

What about dear Sue?

Happy cozy autumn Saturday!!

Sam xx


LissyLou said...

Love your desk - so pretty x

Lavender hearts said...

i'm afraid given that sue is so frightened of things i really wouldn't recommend it at the risk of upsetting her and her running away.

i would dearly love 2 cats, but rosie would be frightened.

MelMel said...

Your desk is wonderful!
How did you do that?
How pretty it looks!

We are all cosy here too....with the new Kitten Pickle!
She is lovely!!!!!!!!


sarah-jane down the lane said...

From pastt experience I say no to introducing a kitten, but maybe the Sue will be more open than my Willow-herb!
Love the look of that cardboard box, I might just creep in and curl up too!
Sarah x

Lyn said...

I too would love another cat but fear Lucy would hate it so much and it would make her unhappy. Afraid we are a one cat family.

Florence and Mary said...

Your desk is lovely. I always remember rearranging my room on Christmas Day when I was younger to make room for my new toys!!!

Victoria x

sharie said...

What a pretty organised desk!

Country Cottage Chic said...

I have a little desk like that too!


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