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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Heavy heart ..

Me and Mr M went to the Bath Cats and Dogs open day we had painted a few pictures for them (along with our friend Ag) Now I have never been to an animal shelter before, you could hear the dogs barking from down the road and I kept telling my self to keep it together, as for some reason I am really effected by animals, especially those who have been abandoned or mistreated. Well we first went into the cats area (My favourite!) and there were some beautiful cats there, I have to say that although they are in there own enclosures, they looked quite cozy, with blankets and scratching posts. There were just hundreds of kittens - snuggled together and playing some of which had climbed to the highest point in there rooms, so I really hope some kind people adopted some today.

Then both mine and Mr M's hearts melted when we saw Trixie, apart from Silkiesue the Prettiest sweetest Cat, with a huge tummy full of kittens :0) I do realise that it would probably be mean to introduce another cat to Silkiesue, as much as I want to, and imagine that she would have a friend to cuddle up with,but I think Silkie has decided that we are friends enough for her! I did speak to one of the 'Cat ladies' and she said it wouldn't be too much of a problem, but I am not convinced.

So off we went leaving poor Trixie. who I would have adopted with one of her new born kittens if I could have..with a heavy heart.

So if anyone reads this blog near Bath, and is looking for a cat or a dog to adopt then please visit there are so many lovely lost animals there looking for a home.

And Rob and I sold one of our painting each, so its a few pennies for them, hopefully we will be able to do some more work in the future, we paint everything for free ;0)

Sam xx


Clare said...

Glad you sold your work. We've done dog walking at Bath cats and dogs and its awful leaving the animals just want to bring them all home!

Lavender hearts said...

I think you have done the right thing. I didn't want to say before, but my sister bought a kitten and introduced it to her boyfriend's beloved cat of 10 years and unfortunately the existing cat ran away. Needless to say he was devastated. Cats are so territorial and are not like dogs, they don't go around in packs. I think it would probably be easier introducing a dog than a cat!

Josie-Mary said...

I couldn't go...I would want them all!!! I would love a kitten but I know it's not the right thing to do, all mine were a few years apart but I think if I brought one home now it would kill my 20 year old! Well done for selling your paintings :)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Our Toby came from the Bath C&D home & we usually go to the open day but couldn't make it this year.
Well done on donating your paintings, everything helps!


sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh Sam bless you! I would have buckled under so much kitteness!

I bet you have made a difference though by posting about them!

Glad you like the header,you're lovely :D Sarah x

Brenda said...

Oh, reading this was hard enough for me! I can only imagine how you felt! I volunteered once as a receptionist at a shelter. Immediately took an adorable older dog home with me. Saw that I wasn't cut out for that volunteer activity. I couldn't do it. Bless those sweet souls who do. Now I'm a Meals On Wheels volunteer. And thankfully I have yet to drag a senior citizen home with me. But it wasn't because I didn't want to!

Tea with Willow said...

Hi Sam, just catching up after a long absence from Blogland ... it's so hard seeing these animals who all need a home, isn't it - I would be so tempted to bring them all home too. Silkie Sue is so lucky to have a lovely home with you - it would be a shame to upset her wouldn't it - and you can still do your bit to help raise funds with the paintings. Well done you!!

Willow x ... and Tom xx

prettyshabby said...

oh Sam..oh kitties, lovely, pretty innocent kitties. I always cry, without fail if I go to a cat or dog home.It's so sad to see them waiting patiently for their new owners.Little faces saying 'pick me'.
We have introduced new cats and kittens before but I must admit never to an 'only cat'. Hissing, hitting and growling ensues but they usually end up the best of friends. Only a couple of years ago we 'aquired' an elderly cat and she has fitted in just fine. I think it just depends on the cat itself!
Well done for selling your wonderful paintings to help the kittie home. That's a nice thing to do.x

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