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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Too hot for walkies...

Its muggy tonight!

Well here we are at the end nearly of another week, hopefully with a bit of summer coming our way!
I wanted to say thankyou for your lovely comments about my pics...its a canine theme this week (Don't let Sue Kitton know!)
Next week may be cats!

Happy Thursday!

Love Sam xx


This Vintage Life... said...

Love all your doggie pics...the Springer in your sidebar looks just like my Jack-y! But with better legs.
Deb x

Josie-Mary said...

I love the latest picture, really're so clever.
I'm all hot & bothered today...can't wait to go to bed :)

Jemm said...

Yes, very hot here too. 100 degrees F going on 4 days, with at least 2 more forecasted. Thank the Lord for air conditioning!

ag said...

lovely lovely dog!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Love your Springy Spaniel!

Mu little niece called my Lucy a "Spinger Spangle" .....a very special breed!


Jessi said...

Sam the springer looks like my husband's dog (apparently OUR dog)... Don't you think they are foul looking? OOo I can't stand them!!

I like looking at golden retrievers and labs the best! ;)

Aren't I cruel?


Kitty said...

I love your paintings , you are so talented. Do you have an online shop ?

Rubyred said...

Hello, my beautiful print has arrived! I love it! Thank you so much,such wonderful quality too! Wishing you heaps of luck for your blogshop venture! Have a great weekend!
Rachel x

Tillyboo said...

I love your dog paintings, I'm very doggy so appreciate all the little details you've captured. Can't wait to see your shop :)

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The Red Shoes
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