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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Friday Night Project...and a lovely Swap Parcel

Hi Bloggers!
Do you ever do things when you are absolutely knackered..and really you should be sitting quietly somewhere, cause its 9 at night and your eyes feel like giving up?
Well thats exactly what I did last night...what did I do, only get on the sewing machine at 5 to 9, with hardly any light cause I decided that I wanted to cover a little filofax as I am OBSESSED with pretty note books and diaries...It nearly went wrong..well it did but I managed to fix it and in the end it came out this week this is the little diary I am using - Mad I know!

I have also been involved in a few of which was a secret Monkey Swap with Ag, so I was able to leave it on her desk at work, I stitched a little Mad Monkey for her (Luckily we work together!) Please do visit Ags blog - she is an amazing illustrator xx

And today I received my FRIENDS swap parcel from Lissylou
Look at all the lovelyness I received! Each gift corresponded to each letter of FRIENDS..even Sue got some lovely Ribbon! Thankyou Lissylou it was like Christmas - I now have filled up my Mug Tree with Mugs that I have been entirely given by good friends xxx(Trouble is I think I need another Mug tree...but I think that may be a bit weird!) I hope you receive your Parcel on Monday LissyLouxx

Anyway bloggers, got to go check on my Tea cooking in the oven,,,have a fab Sat..Love Sam and Silkie - who is currently snoring..


Floss said...

You have been doing well. Your swaps sound fantastic and I really like that little coverd filofax - very useful.

Lyn said...

I always get itchy fingers to start something just at the wrong moment, like now, I am thinking about going downstairs and starting some new crochet-it's five to eight and by the tip I dig everything out well....
But I do like your diary cover. Makes them much more interesting to use I guess!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely swap!!! Love the little floral covered filofax too.For 2 swaps I have covered little hard backed notebooks with strips of scrap fabrics sewn together. They give a pretty , patchwork effect, and are a good way of using scraps. I like the idea of the little pocket inside.
Have a great weekend : )

Sharon xx

Hen said...

Love the fabric on the pillowcase on your bed and I think it's the same on the filofax cover? Could you spill the beans please on this luscious item?!
Hen x (Who also has a snoring cat.)

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