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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Back on it

Now this blog shop thingymegig of mine (That I have been umming and arhing about) will be organised!
I already have a little bank of art work and instead of wasting my lunch breaks, surfing the net and the like, I'm going to be painting a few little pix too on my breaks and sorting myself out.

I have had such supportive comments from the Blog Sphere that its about time I pulled my finger out.

I also need to fill up on my stash of fabric I'm hoping that Saturdays trip to the charity shops will be fruitful, and I must remember to buy some blooming interfacing...just incase I get the urge to make anything else a tad more advanced...cause theres nothing worse than getting the creative bug and you realise you can't make what you want cause the shops are shut..

Mental note...must write to do list..just in case!!

One more sleep til the weekend!!


bex said...

i love the picture of the dog!!!

LissyLou said...

I'm sure your going to do so well with your online shoppie Sam x

Rose&Bird said...

That's fantastic - do you do small animals?

rachel the krafty girl said...


looking forward to your shop opening up!


Michela said...

Hello Sam!
..have a nice weekend full of inspiration!
Greetings from Italy

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The Red Shoes
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