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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Now I could do with a broomstick and a spot of magic...

...just to make my freetime at home, and my energy levels last a bit longer, just like my namesake Samantha!
Normally, round about now at 9ish I start to feel real knacked, now I know I can't complain as I don't have children (Boy o boy that must be knackering!) but seriously I find it so hard just to sit still. But dear bloggers I have got my FRIENDS swap goodies for Lissylou, just about sorted...which I'm quite pleased with ;0) especially as I really struggled with the letters!

And I have an idea for my secret Monkey swap that I entered too...

And I have just entered another swapseys to do with Crochet...I just couldn't resist!

I'm addicted to swapping!!

Right, I'm off now...going to have a little glass of chilled wine ;)

Night Night Bloggers

Sam xx


Jessi said...

love the little cat widget sam!! So cute!

Did I tell you my little gift from you arrived safe and sound? It is now in our Lounge room amongst other fav bits of art! THANK YOU

LissyLou said...

Love the little cat widget, great fun!!

A monkey swap sounds interesting!!

rachel the krafty girl said...

wow your getting into lots of swap!
im taking a swap break,i get consumed with them !lol


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i love a good swap they are fun arent they! alex at pink feather and i were partnered for the friends one and she has just blogged about what i sent and i have received mine from her today its like christmas!!

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