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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I made a hanging thingy...and why sometimes I can't make my bed before work...

Well the 'bag organiser' joke that I made has not been wasted - it got chopped in half and turned into a kinda hanging
pocket thingy, to go into my 'boxroom' little snug of mine. You see I have this habit of mooching about on the internet, seeing something I want/love and thinking...I know I can make that, normally when I don't have the correct INTERFACING that may have made a bit of a difference to the above effort.

But thats me - totally impatient!

Oh and to the 3 ladies than won a print on the mini giveaway, thankyou for contacting me, I will be posting on Saturday. Sorry its a little later that I'd hoped, but they should reach you early next week.

..... and I thought I would leave you picture evidence of why I can't make my bed before work 'excuse'

Yay its Hump day

2 more sleeps til the weekend...

S xx


Anonymous said...

just spotted your comment on rachel crafty girls blog saying how you would loveone of my cats when i signed up for the PIF thing I didn't get any repsonse so rachel ended up getting one I would happily make on for you if you like


Moe said...

Hi Sam,
I love the hanging thingy its great! I dont always get to make my bed when I get up in the morning either but unfortunately I dont really have any excuse!! Am working on a couple of things for you I hope you will like them!
Moe xx

bex said...

then hanging wall organiser looks great! i ALWAYS forget the importance of interfacing, i think its because i you cant see it once everythings made so i kind of think it doesn't matter...that and im impatient too!

Anonymous said...

will get on and make a little kitty just for you


Lyn said...

It's the middle of June-Where did that go? I like the Hangy Thingy!
I sometimes wish I was a cat 23 hours sleeping following the sunshine from room to room...

rachel the krafty girl said...

i love the little hanging organiser...fab idea to change it.i would never think about doing something like that


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