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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Why is is?

1. That I seem to have a new obsession each week - this week its paper chase notebooks and stationary generally.
2. That I'm never happy with the bag I use
3. My house is never clean enough, where does all the dust come from
4. My hair is ALWAYS fluffy
5. I can never relax
6. That I worry about my cat like she is a person
7. I get house envy..alot
8. I have to check and recheck doors and windows when I leave the house

....Ummm I'm sure I can think of more....;0)

Sam xx

PS Mr M arrived safely, he travelled 8 hours today to a village , literally in the middle of nowhere, helping out as best as he can...think safe thoughts for him dear bloggers xxxx


rachel the krafty girl said...

oohh paper chase i share that obsession,got a voucher in good homes magazine for it and i plan on spending when i get near one of those beautiful stores....and my homes never clean i soothe myself by convincing myself that no house is ever really clean lol

sending much positive thoughts mr ms must be so proud of him


Mandy said...

Sending safe thoughts xxxxx
And I can agree with several on your list!

Lavender hearts said...

You sound like you could do with relaxing and enjoying/appreciating what you have. I go through these phases but ever since I decided to just chill out I seem to worry about these sorts of things a lot less. I was looking at your lovely conservatory and thinking how gorgeous it looks. House envy, like it or lump it, gets the best of us! I always see these lovely houses in magazines with perfect kicthens and bathrooms, and get a bit of the green eyed monster. I have neither of these, both need completely gutting, which is the sort of thing that will take us 10 years to save up for. I contacted a couple of magazines to see if they would like to feature our house and got 2 flat nos. One of them said our house 'wasn't what they were looking for'. I wondered if it was the fact that it didn't have an open-plan white kitchen (you know the type that they tell us we must have) and 'space' just incase you need to swing a cat, and all that junk.:-)

I used to work off Tottenham Court Road so I used to pop into Paperchase every day, love that shop. Fortunately, I've not seen one around these parts otherwise I'd be in debt! :-)

You ought to make the bags then you could have a different one every day. Btw, I will post your goodie tomorrow, sorry to keep you waiting. It's been a pain since the village shop shut. :-)

bex said...

im like you are with bags...but about purses. dont worry about things getting to you..sometimes it happens but dont get stuck worrying about sure you will feel fine soon

Josie-Mary said...

Sending safe thought too.
I agree with everything on the list but not the house thing... I'm happy with my lot, not that it's the best house in the world but it's the first houses we've own & hey at the end of the day it a roof over my head. I do get a bit green when I see lovely things on here though...LOL!
I worry about my cat, she's 19, I keep waking up to check she's still alive... how sad is that! I can't face losing another one. :(

Bagladee said...

I worry about those things too Sam. Here's lots of well wishing thoughts to your other half. Hope he has a safe trip. xx

Lyn said...

You stole my "Why is it " list! I can't believe someone else does all those things-well except the fluffy hair-mine is ok for about two hours after drying then it goes it's own way!
ps MY cat is human!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Your list sounds very familiar... and I will send positive well wishes and love to Uganda... and i was worrying about Mr P going to the states! lol

Your man and mine will be returning home around the same time... the last 2 weeks have flown by so I dare say the next 2 will too!

take care

Sarah said...

Safe thoughts..........

I definately OCD on doors and in particular my cooker. I always stand staring at it making sure it's off before I go out - weird I know!

smilernpb said...

Yes I have most of those problems too, such is life!!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to quite afew of them, especially the cat(and dogs). xxx

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

ooh, I have the exact same problems, glad I'm not alone!! lol
♥ Teresa

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Sue

Yes I know that feeling, I have a week where I am only interested in cushions, then the next it's something else. There is a bit that us in all of us I think. What a fantastic thing for Mr M to be doing. So rewarding to give up your own time and comfort to help others. Mr M sounds like a very nice person and I can understand that you are very proud of him. I wish him all the best whilst there.
Take care
Isabelle x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi hun, I can relate to some of those, especially the cleaning thing and house envy. Mine never looks up to scratch to me!

Hope Mr M is safe and well.

I have finished the swap goodies ("bout time", I can hear you thinking!) and wrapped them. I just need to find the sellotape and something big enough to post them in now! Hopefully they will go off tonight.

Mel xXxXx

A Thrifty Mrs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Thrifty Mrs said...

I go through obsessions too. Last week it was old school felt tips - berol fine tips, I had to buy every colour available.
This week it is ribbon - I mean obsessively buying it in bulk quantities that I'll never use and organising it and even making a log book.

I have house envy too.

Positive thoughts coming your way.

Ugh managed to delete my first post!

Oh and I have a new blog -

LissyLou said...

Don't worry we all have a wierd/and obbsessive things - it's what makes us 'normal'!!


Tip Top said...

Ah, I went to work today without combing my hair. Yikes and I've had a 5 hour meeting too!!

I just forgot to do it!!

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