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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thankyou and an invisible hug to you xx

Thankyou my blogging chums for leaving me messages bout little shy Sue...I really appreciate it. Your comments made me feel reassured, so I'm sending you an invisible hug xx. Silkie seems to be getting used to my mum, she ate little fish bickys from her and let her stroke her a little without running away. She hasn't come down stairs yet, as my Dad is painting my front door, but I think generally she isnt too keen on the menfolkxxx

Now I wanted to show you that I am offically a granny...I am now using a wicker basket for a bag, how long that will last is anyones guess, as although I love bags I get bored very easy!! I had to take a pic quick, as my mum was watching and i don't think she gets the whole taking random pictures of things to go on the 'internet' a strange land she isn't too familar with!

And also there is a really good giveaway here..Comfortstitching I felt a bit cheeky leaving a post as I haven't visited the blog before...but you should check out the quilt that is the giveaway prize...

Now I'm off to paint some frames for pix for my little blogshop

Happy Thursday my lovely chums xxx

Sam and Queen Sue ;0)xxxx


Josie-Mary said...

I love your basket, I wouldn't mind one. I already have a shopping trolley so I must be old! It is from habitat so it's a little bit!! It sounds like Sue's getting better, I know lots of cats that don't like men, my cat is really unsure of my OH even though they've lived together for 14 years!! The other day he went for a wee in his boots...naughty Nanny!!! :)

Floss said...

I'm glad that Sue is beginning to settle down a bit. Everyone who goes to the market in France has a basket like that (except me - I must do something about that), so that doesn't make you a granny! Have fun painting today.

Shabby Chick said...

Glad Sue is a bit happier :)

I've entered that giveaway too and feel really cheeky about it but it's such a gorgeous quilt!

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the basket!
Glad to hear Sue is happier. xxx

Jessi said...

my beautiful picture hasn't arrived yet.. i hope it hasn't got lost on it's adventure between yours and mine! :(

I will keep you posted!

Poor little Sue.. glad she is a tad happier :)

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