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Friday, 1 May 2009

Thankyou Sew Hot Mit Mot

Firstly please let me show you the lovely PIF gifts I received from Mary (Sew Hot Mit Mot) a sweet little package came with a little hanky, pin cushion and a button heart which I loved! So much that it now lives in my bathroom! I will be sending my PIF gifts next week...just trying to find some picture frames at the mo...thankyou for waiting!

Also - thankyou for your messages on my last posting about subjects for my little blog shop...they really helped me and I have started to work on some fabric illustrations I have set my self up for the weekend with my paints and sewing machine, and lots of ideas to work on...

I hope you find yourself well this weekend, me and Mr M are pottering about this weekend here..and I have to have my fix of charity shops tomorrow!

Happy Bank Holiday Friday!!

Love S xxx


Jessi said...

so gorgeous :) No hurry at all for the PIF for me. I sent #1 son off for a sleepover, so I can have some creating time in the morning. Can't wait. :) Looking fwd to seeing your little shop take place ... x

Anonymous said...

Happy May Day.
Those are lovely gifts. xxxx

Floss said...

Have a great weekend! No charity shops for me, I think, but plenty of gardening... I may get a troc shop fix next week, though!

rachel the krafty girl said...

such sweet gifts.
i popped my pif post up,i got a whole one person woohoo!
its open though so anyone can still leave a comment *crosses fingers*

im planning charity shops,car boots and a craft fair.its the most active i have been all year ;)


bibbitybob said...

Haha, I see your kitty came to play too!! x

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