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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Silkiesue's pad

Oh Silkiesue

My, well Mr M's office has been transformed into The Sues place, with a small bed for me (I get the duvet she has the pillow)
All her bits and pieces are in there now, scratching post, CK bed, heat lamp, food, a soft blanket under the bed and food when she wants it...even when she Maows in my ear at 6am, she gets her food....all because I have visitors.

My Ma and Pa are staying for a holiday while Mr M is away, plus my Dad is doing a few jobs about the house, and my mum is cooking...

The problem is Miss Sue as some of you know is a very timid cat, apart from with me and Mr M, and at the moment this is the 3rd day that Silkie has refused to come down stairs or go out. (She has a covered litter tray upstairs too.)

I'm even defrosting prawns for pudding for her, as I feel so awful for letting her endure this...and she has a Feliway defuser on.

But my question is this dear Bloggers, what can I do?
She was a little bit brave earlier, she ate some biscuits from my mums hand....but thats it?

Help? any advise or words of comfort please dear friends....

Love from a guilty cat Mumsam



Josie-Mary said...

oh poor Sue, have you tried bach rescue remedy? My vet suggested it for my nervous cat but he wasn't as bad as Sue. Please check with the vet or online to make sure it's safe... I don't want to hurt her!! Good luck :)

Tea with Willow said...

Oh Sam ... poor little Silkie Sue .. I honestly don't know what else to suggest. It sounds as though you are doing everything you can to help her .. and perhaps, given a little more time, she will take to your Mum with the help of a few more treats?

At least she can cuddle up to you at night, bless her. Maybe have a word with the vet and see if he can suggest anything - a cat behaviour specialist possibly? Our local vet has one, but I think they are quite expensive.

Take care, and safe trip to Mr M.

Willow xx & Tom xx

Floss said...

Oh, poor little thing. Company from someone she trusts is surely one of the best things, and I can see you're giving her that. It is a breakthrough if she's taken some food from your mum, isn't it?

Our cat stayed upstairs, paranoid, for two weeks after we moved house. If we tried to carry him downstairs he scratched us and leapt back up. Then suddenly we left the garden door open one day and he was off, acting like he owned the place, downstairs, garden and all! I think you just can't predict what cats are going to do next... I do hope that Sue surprises you like that one of these days!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Oh dear, I have looked after cats for many years. They do tend to do things at their own pace. As long as you as you are sure that it is just because you have visitors and not that she is poorly, all I can recommend is that extra time be spent with her talking to her softly and stroking her. The extra time will help re-assure her. What Josie Mary has recommended could be an option too. I use Bach remedies for everyone at home. In time she will go down when she feels ready. Extra love and attention will help!
Take care
Isabelle x

lou said...

Sorry I’m not much help, but I have got something in the parcel for her!
I will post it on Friday, I hope you like it!
Thanks again for mine…love Lou xxx

bex said...

hmmm, when my mum and dad got there cat they have now (a tonkinese?? i think) he was a bit scatty and timid and they just spoke to him all of the sure she will come around. it seems your doing everything you can and aslong as she is comfortable upstairs with you

Hen said...

I don't think it's that unusual for cats they are very selective (that's part of why I like them!) My cat only really likes me (suits me fine!) and one of our other cats only likes me and my partner. (The other one is a complete tart and loves anyone and everyone.) We have a cat sitter who comes in to feed ours when we're away and they're gradually getting used to her and to my mum. It just takes them time. The other thing is food and treats. Cats tend to love whomever feeds them so perhaps get your mum to give her some treats on a regular basis.
Hen x

Shabby Chick said...

Awww poor little Sue. I guess the only way is not to force her to socialise but maybe your mum could take her food up and just leave it without a fuss but so that she sees it's not someone she had to worry about.

Hugs, Mel xxx

LissyLou said...

oh poor silkie!!
No suggestions i'm afraid

Big hugs to both of you (())

Lyn said...

Sorry I did not read this post till today. She will be brave, my old pal Bob use to hide all the time we had visitors-eating his dinner under the bed! and as soon as the front door click as they went out he would pop as if nothing had happened. You are doing ALL the right things. Don't worry!

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