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Monday, 25 May 2009

Thankyou Lou! and why I can't keep on top of housework when I have visitors!

Firstly thankyou Lou from Ludabelle...for my lovely freestyle swap gifts, which arrived last week. My Mum for a second time couldn't believe what lovely things had been sent to me from friends out in blogland......better than a birthday, and look a fabric Silkie Sue!...shes so pretty and has decided to sit on a little table by the front door at the moment...Lou also sent me 2 door hangers, a fabric covered hanger, a lovely mirrored sweet dreams plaque and even a book for Silkie Sue!! So thankyou very much xxx you can't beat getting gifts from Blogland xxx and Lou, your sewing is flawless!! (I need to practice!)

Now on to the second thing I wanted to talk to you about...I wondered if this happens to any of you to?
When ever I have people to stay my house becomes messier and messier, and I just can't keep on top of it. My house isn't that big, just a little terrace but its not the size of a postage stamp...but what a pickle I get in...newspapers, towels, cups and clothes begin to appear all over the house, almost like there are invisible gremlins sneeking about all over the place..

I really think I would make a rubbish house wife ;0)

If you have any cleaning and tidying tips I would be very grateful, as little compulsive 'try to keep every thing tidy me' is actually really rubbish at it!

Happy Bank Holiday

Love Samxx

PS...Mr M is back safe and sound, and Silkie seems much happier, the first day he was home, was the first time she decided to leave the 1st floor in 2 weeks and took a stroll outside ;0)


Lavender hearts said...

Rosie gets very upset if Tim or I go away too. She hates any little change in routine. I'm thinking of putting a little rescue remedy in her water to try and calm her down.

Shabby Chick said...

What lovely things from Lou!

Glad to hear Sue is a bit happier :)

mel xxx

Lavender hearts said...

The only advice I have re tidying is to tidy as you go. Soemtimes I o though and other times I struggle (when I just want to slob!).

Btw, please can you tell me how you make the circle crochet cushions. I've looked for a pattern but can't find one. :-)

lou said...

Thank you for the lovely words, I am pleased you liked them.
And as for housework that is my job for today, As long as I stay away from the computer.

Love Lou xxx

Jemm said...

Lovely swap items from your partner. I still need to send mine off. I'm not sure how to go about packaging them. I hope she hasn't given up on me. I'm terrible with housework too. It is so never-ending!

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