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Sunday, 10 May 2009 and away....

Mr M is going away Uganda in Africa for 2 weeks. He was given the chance to go by his Boss, as he supports a charity in Uganda and he volunteered to go. He will be doing things completely out of anyones comfort zone, trying to help in a small way.

So I may be in blogland quite a bit over the next couple of weeks...I have plenty to do.

I will miss Mr M, but I'm very proud of him. ;0)

Happy Sunny Sunday xxx

Sam xxx


Josie-Mary said...

Hope Mr M has a fab time, good for him for helping :)

bekimarie said...

Go Mr M, if only more people would do things like this.
A friend of mine and I have said that when the children are older that we would like to do something like that.
Keep busy and hopefully you won't miss him too much.
Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr M enjoys his trip and is very careful while out there.
You take care, looking forward to reading your future posts.
Love Melanie xxx

Blueberry Heart said...

God luck to Mr M and I hope he has an enjoyable safe time on his tripBH x

bex said...

i hope Mr.M enjoys helping out. a few of my things did something similar and said it was the best experience of their lives!

Floss said...

Isn't that great - well done him. Enjoy your time without him and then have a lovely time with him when he gets back! My giveaway has just started, so please come over and have a go...

Cowboys and Custard said...

Bon Voyage Mr M.... what a wonderful opportunity.. I hope he comes back with some fabulous photos and memories.
As for you Sam.. don't get square eyes blogging too much!

Michele xx

lou said...

Good luck for Mr. M!

I received my present today, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, I LOVE IT!!! :0) :0) :0)
I even had a tear in my eye, I have moved the picture around the house so many times already, it is so pretty, I love it all.
I am going to try and have a day off this week so I will be posting yours this week, I will let you know when I do, I hope you like it as much as I love mine.

Thanks again…love Lou xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Well done Mr M! I hope it all goes really well, I bet you will miss him.

Thank you v v v much for my lovely swap gifts, like Lou I was delighted. I haven't decided where the picture will end up but at the moment it's hanging in the dining room and we all love it. The card was beautiful too, and the other goodies.

I have very nearly finished yours and I hope you won't be disappointed. Sorry it has taken so long, the girls are up til at least 10.00 every night at the moment and it's so hard getting things done with them around (dangerous things like needles and scissors only attract them!).

Love Mel xxx

rachel the krafty girl said...

what a nice man you have there,im sure time will just fly by.
keeping yourself nice and busy will surely help =)

hope you and miss silkie are keeping okay


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