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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thankyou !

Hello to you on this lovely sunny sunday here in Keynsham!
Well thankyou for your words of encouragement regarding my little blog shop...I think I will
have a go so I will have to get a few bits and bobs together and see if any one wants something.
Mr M suggested large prints, little prints in frames and original artwork framed...and little cards.

So that will be something to keep me busy busy, plus 2 swaps to prepare (to the 2 ladies concerned , I have already put
my paintbrush to paper!) and a pay it forward to post!
Yes I couldn't resist leaving a message at Sew Hot Mit Mot and as I was one of the first 3 , I will be getting a little something, so in turn I have to 'pay it forward'. so look out for that in the next few days!

I thought I would also leave you a photo of my husband Mr M working hard in the garden today, whist I blogged drinking a couple of bottles of Stella!

Oh and thankyou to Sian (Diary of a TInyholder) for teaching me to link nearly !!


Love Sam xx


Pink Feather Paradise said...

How wonderful, I have a blank, featureless wall in my lounge and I think I will start collecting pieces of artwork and creatins by all my blogland friends... you can only look at your own work for so long!

I have just posted a pay it forward so as much as I would love to be one of your first three I will leave it for another... I will however wait with baited breath to see your work in your shop and more than likely purchase one...

Sounds like a fab weekend and I fancy a Stella or two now!lol

x Alex

Pink Feather Paradise said...

OOps I mean creations... not creatins! I really must read through my comments before hitting publish! lol
X Alex

Floss said...

That's great! I found a few amazing things at a Vide Greniers today which I'm going to use in making my swap goodies.

Shabby Chick said...

I'd better get on with my swap goodies too! Still not sure exactly what yet though but I'm sure inspiration will strike when I'm thinking about something else!

I can't wait to see your blog shop, I think framed prints will be great. Maybe it's just me but I always find it hard to find a frame to fit a picture so to have it ready done would suit me perfectly!!!

Mel xxx

Diane said...

Perfect day for a couple of Stella's!! Loving your blog.

5ft Inf said...

Your blog is great!
It really made me laugh...I want to see a picture of the Harts henchman: Max was it? He had a big gruff face and voice (even gruffer than Quincey's)...but, oh how loyal to Mr and Mrs H!
How lucky to be in Bath too. I worked at the Theatre Royal,when I was on tour in the show Nicholas Nickleby last year, and really loved it...I was staying opposite a great little shop called 'Hansel und Gretal' and bought a maddening Alpine puzzle and a strange, smoking Santa there...
Love the pictures of the Siamese cat too: I have an extremely needy, chatty one of my own.
x 5ft inf

LissyLou said...

I'm glad your going to set up a little blog shop, i'm sure you'll do well.

Thanks for commenting on my veggie post. Yes, please become a veggie!! you'd make me so happy and proud :)

Have you been to Demuths in Bath??


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Sam

Thanks for your lovely comments recently.
I think you have oodles of talent and your shop will be a big success.. nothing ventured .. as the saying goes!

I wonder if I know the publisher you work for in Bath?
I have worked for one in Bath myself some years ago.. freelance stuff.. but I haven't the fraction of talent that you have for designs..
I hope your shop thrives... I can't see how it can fail to.

sharie said...

The paintings of the poppies is lovely. I do love poppies, one of my fave flowers.

I just spotted your cat on the side bar (I'm thick, been here an number of times and didn't see it - best get the glasses on)
I'm not a huge cat fan but I do love Bengals! Best cat ever :-)

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