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Monday, 20 April 2009

Bell Book and Candle

I know I know...its a tad early for Halloween and Witchy things, but if you have never seen Bell Book and Candle the film
please please rent it and watch it. Its wonderful...gentle humor set in the 60's with a pussy cat and witch, looking for love!

So heres the thing, My Hubby, Mr M had wanted to practice a new 'vintage' style of painting and wanted a new subject to work on and this is what he came up with, why Kim Novak as Gillian the Witch with her familar Pyewacket..

So I thought you would like to see...If anyone else can think of any good vintage subjects I know he would love to hear from you...

Love Sam xxx

PS keep your eyes peeled for my Pay it forward post!

Oh and THANKYOU for all of the LOVELY really spur me on and I really appreciate it xxxx


5ft Inf said...

Ooo, I love the siamese cat...mine stole some chicken wings and the neighbours cat biscuits today...a beautiful theif though!
x Philippa

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love the picture, he should get sme notelets printed up too... can't hurt!

I have never heard of that film... but I will definately have a search for it ...

X Alex

LissyLou said...

Great painting and thanks for the film recommendation. x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my goodness Bell Book & Candle is one of my favourite films, I just love love love it!!!
Do you always find yourself singing that song afterwards too? I do everytime I watch it!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Oh wow, that is amazing, he is super talented and I love it!!! I'm a new follower of yours, found you through Alex's page and enjoyed reading your blog. Amazing portrait. Have a super day!
♥ Teresa

Redwoodhouse said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....yours is great and so is your Mr's picture absolutely stunning.....sill go and read more now....

Lavender hearts said...

hello lovie, I've decided what to make you! it's going to be ace! hehehe :-)

meplusmolly said...

Hello! Fab painting. Love a bit of witchery whatever time of the year! I found your blog through I think - mollycupcakes, been meadering a bit through blogs today! ;0

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