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Monday, 6 April 2009

Freestyle Blog Swap!

Well hello my dear friends...I have been uming and arrring about the subject for this swap, and then (With and idea that my dear friend Ag suggested) I thought we should have a go at a Freestyle Blog Swap.

We all do and make , and like different things. I suppose I'm my most confident colouring in, with a little bit of basic crocheting thrown in, but I don't think there should be one theme, just something that your blog partner will like and something you are confident to do. So for example it could be a little box of things you have made (Now remember you don't have to spend much...don't spend anything!) or maybe one big thing...maybe something like a cushion or anything!

The main thing is that you consider what you think you partner will like, and just make it pretty!

Hope thats ok?

Oh and if we end up with an odd number, I will post 2 swaps (Fingers crossed anyone enters now!)

So If anyone fancies a go, please could you leave me a message here by Monday 13th April, and I will randomly swap people together.... and to hopefully aim to post swaps off sometime in the week beginning 4th May?

Lots of love
Sam xx


Shabby Chick said...

Hi Sam

Count me in! Will be nice to have a reason to make something lol. I love the idea of just doing what you fancy :)

Mel xxx

claire said...

Count me in too please - freestyle.....fab idea :)
XxX (will link on my blog too)

LissyLou said...

I'd like to join in please x

Shabby Chick said...

PS I've put a link at the top of my sidebar, hope that's alright :)

M xxx

Bagladee said...

Hi Sam, I'd love to join in too...if you dont mind I'd like to post about it on my blog so that my readers can take part too? Is that ok? thanks Emma (

Tip Top said...

Oh yes!! How fantastic! I'll do a link thingy on my blog tomorrow when I'm a bit more awake. But yes! Would love to take part!

I also like colouring - watercolours generally!

Flossie and Tom said...

Yes please


bekimarie said...

Count me in!
Still can't do the links but will mention it when I next posy.
Beki xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

I would love to join in too!! Good idea, I have a few thoughts already!!
Will try to remember to link on my next blog, to busy finishing a swap tonight!!!


Sharon XX

bex said...

sounds fantastic!!! i'l play!!

ag said...

Count me in! lalala Its a great idea to make something what someone else'll like

Lavender hearts said...

I would love to have a go! However, I have to add a slight caveat to that - please can I be paired with someone in the US or UK? I just recently got paired with someone in another swap in Oz, the postage was SO expensive and I've just got the package back and undelivered (uncollected!). As you can imagine, I'm not best pleased!

Lovely idea! How exciting! :-)

Floss said...

Wow - I'd like to join in, please! (I followed Mel's link, so I hope you think that was a good idea). I'm in France, so bear that in mind, pehaps, if there's a problem about postage.

Jemm said...

Yes, I'd love to! I've never done one and I've wondered how they start/work.

Hollypop's said...

Count me in too Sam, sounds like fun not having a theme.
Take care.

Lyn said...

Count me in, I have never done one before so may need the 'swapping for dummies' advice!

Bobo Bun said...

This sounds a lovely swap, so I'd love to join in please. When I next post I'll add a link if that's ok.

Lisa x

Sarah said...

Yes please count me in!

Rubys mamma x said...

Hey Sam, id like to take part please-can sometimes be hard with swaps to find out what people like, the last person i was paired with had hardly written any posts so it was just a guess!
Love kirsty xxx

thriftymrs said...

Count me in.
I'm on a swap roll at the moment!
I can only send to UK and Europe at the moment though as I have had a few problems sending further away!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to swap, thanks, kate x

Country Bliss said...

Hi, count me in please.
Yvonne x

Janette said...

count me in please sounds a fab fun idea.


Anonymous said...

Would love to have a go at this swap . Thanks Steph x

vintage girl said...

Hello there, may I please take part in the swaap too? Lisaxxx

Rachel said...

Ooh lovely! Bagladee just tipped me off about this swap so yes, count me in please!
Rachel x

Pixiedust said...

I'd love to take part too please. xxxx

smilernpb said...

Can you count me in for this swap? Thank you!!

periwinkle said...

I'd like to join too please - I've came from The Bluberry Patch,,
Lisa x
off to read your blog now

lou said...

Count me in please!
Love Lou xxx

Tracy x said...

popped over from bobo bun and would love to join in!
t x

Nicola said...

Popped over from Tip Toppers
can I join in too??
Plus I have blog candy AND an doing a Pay it Forward on my blog too :)
I love making surprises for people!
Nic xx

mollycupcakes said...

Hello Sam, Just found this swap and would love to be a part of it honey.

I do enjoy joing in these, they'e very good for getting the juices flowing lol


Catherine x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Hi I have come across to you via Mollycupcakes and I would love to take part in your freestyle swap

How exciting

Cheers Alex

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw this on another blog and please count me in! So fun!

Michelle :)

Sue said...

Hi, please count me in, sounds like good fun. Thanks.

Blueberry Heart said...

hi there, I have just come across this swap and I'd love to be included please!
Thanks BH x

saraeden said...

Oooooh can i join in to please !

Sara x

Summer by the sea said...

I would love to join in please - just in time! - Natalie x

Tatty Mum said...

Hi, hope i'm not to late to join in all the fun of this swap, it's funny cause I thought I had already left a comment guess not though must be all the chocolate sending me mad.

Joanne x

Clare said...

I'd love to join in if thats okay?Never done one before but it sounds fun...can I be paired with someone here in the UK? looking forward to it!
Clare (daisydarlingmillinery)

calicodaisy said...

I'd like to join. A freestyle sounds like I won't get crazy trying to come up with a specific item! -- Michele

Debbie said...

oh no im too late - please can you count me in for next time :)

scrap-n-away said...

Hi Sam,
I'm so sad I missed your cut off date. I've been in the mountains. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Agus :) said...

Oh!! i also want to join me! nice project!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I'll join!!!

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