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Sunday, 5 April 2009

A sensitive Silkie and Swaps

Well here I am on Sunday morning 10 to Seven, with a lemsip - I seem to have Mr M's Cold grrr
Any way me and The Sue decided that we may as well do a spot of blogging...

Just wanted a bit of advise really, as you all know, I love Cats and especially Miss Sue. She really is the sweetest little companion and I wouldn't be without her. But Silkie is a sensitive shy pussy cat, and when I have anyone to stay, she hides. I mean its like she is terrified of anyone else, so on the rare occasion when we do have any one to stay, I do find it rather stressful, as I'm more concerned about upsetting Silkie - which is ridiculous I know. She does have lots of hiding places, but her usual and favourite hiding spot (My Bedroom) won't be available as our visitors will be in it

So do any of you have sensitive Pussy Cats and what do you do? Its just that we have a few visitors to stay soon and It stresses me out.

Oh and before I forget to ask...would anyone be interested in another swap? I have a few Ideas for a let me know I don't mind organising it!

Love Snotty Sam xx

PS - Thankyou Sian for your tips about quilt making - xx


Tea with Willow said...

Hi Sam & Silkie - sorry to hear you're not well (my OH has the horrid cold too!).

Re Silkie Sue being scared of visitors - I have this problem too, with Leo & to some extent, with Tom. We use 2 things which really seem to work. One is Feliway, which comes in a spray or a diffuser to plug in to a socket. It releases synthetic cat facial pheromones & calms them down - it's a bit expensive, but well worth it. The other thing is a new product called Zylkene (in tablet form), which is a completely natural product, which can be used for stressful situations like moving house, or continuously for nervous cats. Your vet will be able to advise you on both, I'm sure. I can really recommend both things. If you want to know more,I can drop you an email, so as not to make this comment too long!!!

Love & (((hugs)))

Willow xxx

rachel the krafty girl said...

i would definitly be up for another swap !

sorry to hear that your feeling under the weather-hope you feel better soon...

i have 3 boys,and they are all scared of visitors too,they seem to get alot more relaxed after a while tho(so i guess i am lucky!)
you could always try the old method of (if you can get miss silkie in the same room as your visitors for a while)getting them to feed her one of her favourite treats!if they would be up for doing that of may get her to relax after a boys seem to like anyone that gives them a treat...
cats are funny sensitve little things



bekimarie said...

So glad you decided to try and arrange one. I thought about it myself, perhaps i'll do the next one 'hehe'. Bit addictive aren't they.
Beki xxx

Tip Top said...

Yep would love to take part in a swop!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Lavender hearts said...

Poor little Silkie, Willow has some great ideas there. Rosie is the opposite - she adores visitors, she nudges up follows them eveywhere. She just HATES other cats and consequently is a house cat, but she love being indoors and the queen of the castle! :-)

Jemm said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. We had a cat growing up that wouldn't even want US to be around it. It just slept on a step all the time. Hid when company came. I think it's pretty normal for cats to do this around strangers.

claire said...

Hi x
Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your reassuring words about my teeth xx
Sorry you are feeling poorly.....another swap sounds great..look forward to heaing more :)
Take Care

Lyn said...

My cat Tilly use to hide from visitors. My friends did not believe we had two cats-Lucy was always enjoying a fuss but Till would hide till the front door clicked shut on them. Maybe if your visitors don't mind if Silkie Sue stays with them in your room, she may hide under the bed? and if they leave her alone and try not to make contact with her while she is hiding. Or move her things to where you will be staying and get her use to that space before they arrive?
I have never taken part in a swap. I am not sure how they work or what to do but it sounds very interseting and I think I would like to take part!

Floss said...

Hi - just one comment about sensitive cats - my dad used to identify with my grandma's sensitive cat. They were sometimes the only males in our house, and when my grandma had coffee mornings at home the cat used to hide up a tree. My dad used to spend the entire coffee morning 'talking to the cat' in order to keep him calm (allegedly it was the cat who needed calming, but obviously we felt my dad might actually be feeling the same way).

So that doesn't help you, sorry, but maybe the other comments have helped you realise that your cat isn't alone - there are other cats (and humans) who do learn to cope with similar fear. I really hope it works out for your sake, as well as the cat's.

Pixiedust said...

Hi Sam, My pussy cat phoebe is very shy and timid, yet with us shes a completely different cat. She loves to play and attack you, and sometimes she brings me presents in the middle of the night (alive) aaaggggg. But she's scared to death of people and will hide behind our bed if anyone's here. She even dives for cover when she hears the door bell. She's pretty much frightened of her own shadow. We had a BBQ last year and Phoebe was out but mummy knew she was lurking in the border so I made all my guests hide in the shed, told them to be quiet and shut them in there while I got the cat in. Things we do for our pets. xxx

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