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Monday, 27 April 2009

Pay it Forward...

Hello Lovely Bloggers...

Here I am again, and as promised a little pay it forward post....

I have 3 little pictures..which will be framed and I will send them to the first 3 people to comment, providing you
also play 'Pay it forward'... remembering to send something to your first 3 blogger comments!

I am more than happy to post abroad too..I just need to get some picture frames nearer the weekend then I will post them to you xxx

Fun isn't it! I love all this swapping and blogging!

Happy Monday!

Lots of love Sam xx


Dianna said...

This sounds like a fab idea - I'd love to join in. Am more than happy to do a pay it forward on my blog. Just need to think about what to pay forward, although I'm sure my obsession with fabric will come into it somewhere!

Jessi said...

oh yes please! What a great idea.. Not sure anyone would want my goods yet... BUT i can keep practicing and hope that someone would appreciate my crafts!! :) Gorg blog!

Jemm said...

Don't count me in your first three because I don't think I could do this right now. But I had to say how pretty your paintings were :)

rachel the krafty girl said...

poor hubby i really feel for him!getting up at 5 on occasions bad enough but to do it all the time...he must be exhausted..

how are things with you my lovely anyway?

Rubyred said...

Just found you lovely blog,I've been v. naughty and spent the last hour catching up on all your posts.I too want to learn to crochet but havent mastered it yet.So impressed with your cushion.Your hubby does look like George Peppard,handsome chap! I also share your love/hate relationship with CK,as in love her stuff,hate the prices!I am going now as i'm beginning to sound like a stalker,te,he.
Rachel x

rachel the krafty girl said...

i would love to...god knows what the poor ladies will end up with!is there a time limit that you have to make/send it out by?

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures.

Take Care
Love Melanie xxx

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