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Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Hi Bloggers...!!

I'm back again...phew I have been busy.

To fill you in if you don't know I work as a full time illustrator in the day for a greeting card publishers in Bath, and I'm also trying to break into illustrating Children's books too. Illustrating Children's books is a very competitive market, there are soooo many fantastic illustrators already out in the big bad world, but its something I've always wanted to do, so I'm giving it my best shot working on different illustration samples. So for the last few weekends and evenings I have been preparing a full storyboard for a children's story that has been written for me...a 32 page book in total.

So its been a lot of work, and I have been learning to use photoshop all in all my little sprout for a brain is very tired!

I almost feel like flaking out like Miss Silkie Sue...she really has been finding the heat here in the UK very tiresome! and she has taking to moooing at 4am, when the sun comes up to let us know she needs a wee...the upstairs is so warm, too warm to sleep in to be honest.. thanks to the airing between me and you and blogland...I think we may be camping out in the living room tonight as its sooo much cooler to sleep in!

AND to top that off...I have my parents coming to stay for a weekend in a couple of weeks...THEN my bedroom is being redecorated... (By me and hubby I might add) and what a treat...Mr M bought us new bedroom furniture....(Which he has to make) ...and he bought me my very own very grown up dressing table!!

Oh bloggers its all good, but the thought of it is EXHAUSTING!!

So I will be able to show you soon my new fancy and gardens watch out! (Only joking :0)

Hope you are all being careful in the sunshine...don't forget suncream!!

Happy Tuesday

Love Sam xx


Sam said...

test message from me!

JoJo said...

Well it sounds like you guys are going to be very busy for awhile! Sorry to hear about the uncomfortable heat though. After 6 years in stinkin' hot Marin County, California, with no air conditioning, it was a treat to move to Washington. First thing we did when we moved into our house was have central air installed!

Lyn said...

I hope your book works out, you are so very talented!
Look forward to seeing the new bedroom.
Have fun!

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