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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Back again... update!

Hi Dear Bloggers..

Well to be honest, this week I couldn't think of what to blog about, I have been working on some new illustration samples...and Silkie has been doing a lot of Snuzing...

Everything has seemed a bit dull this week. Getting up, working full time, home by 6.30pm...getting up going to know a bit like my own personal groundhog day.

Mr M and I this week did decide to have a huge tidy up and chuck out old DVD's and videos, then I decided, to have a massive spring clean, cleaning the oven, tidying the loft...

I didn't stop there, even my sewing boxes got tidied, and the garden and garden shed too!!

I think sometimes I'm my own worst enemy, I surf the net, reading blogs and websites like Apartment Therapy which shows the most beautiful homes, then I spend my time looking around my own house thinking what a mess.

Guess what, sometimes my pillowcases on my bed don't match the duvet, my bathroom towels have seen better days..I battle dust ALL the curtains could do with a dry clean...I cheat and avoid cooking...

so maybe I should avoid some of these ooober real home life as perfect and shiny as it appears on these websites....I don't think so :0)

So enough of me grumbling...and yes If I'm honest I'm too much of a perfectionist ..

Well I've not completely had a housework meltdown...I have been doing a spot more 'colouring are some pictures for a story called 'The Silent Owl'

They are just sample pieces...but I have had fun doing them..

Although I am looking forward to doing some sewing ..

Trouble is I'm not sure what!

See you soon!

Love Sam xx

I had to show you this picture....Silkie decided to join in the photoshoot!! xx


val said...

Ah, real life, that thing that gets in the way of living!

Ah, housework. What is it again?

Jessie said...

A lovely post because it reassures me I'm not alone! Great illustrations by the way!xx

Felted House said...

I've got a friend who sometimes comes round to my house and says 'I always feel so much better about my own house when I come to yours' - which I take to mean mine is really not at all up to scratch. It's more important that it's friendly and welcoming though, perfection can be very off-putting! xx

flutter said...

I don't think a super tidy home is a lived in one.. I call them showroom houses.. But it does feel great to have a good tidy out..

The drawings look fabulous, thank you for sharing xx

JoJo said...

Your house sounds like a cozy home. There's nothing worse than those sterile, sparse 'modern' homes that I see in magazines. Who wants to live in a museum?

pussman said...

You should see my house, then you wouln't be depressed!
Everybody cleans before they take the picture ofcourse and all the mess is behind the camera, not in front off the lens!
and you know what they say;"somebody with a house that is always perfect, has a messy brain!"
Bye and take care!
I did some tidy up last week to, olso even the shed!

于名于名 said...
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Scented Sweetpeas said...

Maybe we should all photo our houses in their real states to make each other feel better ? :-)

Lyn said...

What is it with cats and bags? Lucy can't resist a box or bag, she thinks they are there just for her!

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