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Saturday, 3 July 2010

No point being house proud at the moment...

Well in a weeks time gradual mess and chaos will be here at Chateaux McPhillips...My parents are coming to stay for the weekend next week..and things just never stay tidy, and it can be a little stressful keeping every one happy!

Then I have a weeks holiday to do .....DIY...yes in the space of the week we are redecorating our bedroom, bye bye woodchip hello lovely farrow and ball flat painted walls.

Mr M's got to dismantle and put together our new bedroom furniture and dining table, plus we are having new radiators fitted and a new kitchen sink. I'm getting the old dining table for my new desk...which is perfect especially when I have bought some new oil cloth and I can have all my bits and bobs on it including my tiny sewing machine.

(Bye bye...nasty argos cluttered desk!)

So I have 'slacked' off a bit with the house work...normally I'm dusting and there isn't really much point this week, and I keep looking around my house, seeing all the know things like tatty skirting boards that need a lick of paint... how do most people keep on top of it?

And I'm still working on more new samples for my agent..thats the trouble with freelancing ...theres a lot of 'free' work you have to do before you may get a paid job!

So I am sat here, thinking I should be working on another picture, and to stop blogging...buts its my little outlet...

Oh and my "to do' list just keeps getting bigger and bigger!!

(Thankyou diaries!)

Yes are my to do's

More illustration samples..aiming for 5 more before next weekend
Finish 'dummy' book and tweek a couple of pages
Buy Oil Cloth
Buy 2 tins of FB Paint
Buy tin of Magnolia paint
BIG food shop for visitors
Quick tidy before they come
Look after my friends cat poppy for a week (thats not too bad!...shes so cute!)

(Oh and go to my full time job too!)

But I have been promised to be taken to the cinema tonight...any guesses on what film?

(Be seeing you later tonight..Edward :0)

Happy Saturday!

Love Sam xx


MSW Mom Jan said...

Good luck with your renovations how exciting!! I love your heart diary but just curious why do you use 2 of them?? I would never be able to keep track if I didn't keep it all in one place. I am interested to hear how you do it.

Annie said...

you sound incredibly busy, relax and enjoy the film tonight, my daughter has just headed off to the same.
Ann x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I know what you mean, it seems neverending sometimes doesn't it. Just keep that vision of that gorgeous new bedroom :-)

Lyn said...

Lots happening then! Miss Sue won't like the disruption will she? Hope everything gets done then you can enjoy the time with the family.

Felted House said...

I don't think most people do keep ontop of housework unless their hobby is cleaning and they spend all their spare time doing it. I worked out once that I could keep every room tidy and clean but it would genuinely mean I didn't stop till about ten at night every day and I'd get nothing else done! Your plans sound great, do show us when it's all done xx

JoJo said...

Have fun at Eclipse! Lots of moms brought their kids to the midnight showing the other night.

Good luck with your projects and I hope they all go smoothly for you!!

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