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Monday, 21 June 2010

Its Aslan..

sort of...

Dotted about all around the city of Bath (where I work) there are models of Lions, that have been decorated in different ways, by all kinds of people. This fellow I spotted near to the CK shop...and I thought he had a lovely face.

Can't be doing with the hot weather at the mo..don't get me wrong its lovely to enjoy it on holiday..but not while you are at work...

I've updated my Illustration blog too..if you are interested

Happy Monday!
Love Sam x


bobbybegood1 said...

His face is adorable. And I love your other blog. It's so cute!! Cheers Sam!!

JoJo said...

As a self-proclaimed Narnia Nerd, I love your post! Sorry to hear it's so warm there. I myself get pretty cranky when it gets hotter than 70F.

萱祥 said...
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Jess *^_^* said...

Pigs then lions and elephants in London. whew! I can't keep up with it all! Your illo blog is SO cute! xx

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