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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Big Clean nearly finished...

Yes...for over a week now, every nook and cranny here at Chateaux McPhillips has been cleaned and sorted...I still have a few things to do..but I'm nearly there.

I bought some new lovely cushions from ebay... to tart things up a bit!

My own cushions were looking a bit tired and too 'handmade' if you know what I mean..

They are beautifully made and were £3.99 each..

I really love punchy colours..

Little Sue even had a little make over..she really didn't like the pink whiskers I had given off they came...shes been listed in my etsy shop...

Mr M, just came back from Asda with this for was £2...he knows I love Stationary..

And today I was sketching the pencils for the children's book samples I'm working I'm busy penciling the whole thing...I love working on characters as its something I don't tend to do in the day job..

Oh but there has been something that hasn't worked out...namely this bag..

Guess what hasn't turned up...and guess whose emails seem to have been ignored..yes mine..

How can people do that ?

2 weeks ago I paid for this...and by today I was getting really worried, understandably. Turns out as the bag is a designer inspired bag, the seller is blaming something called VeRO, even though the money has come out of my account and into bag has turned up. There is even a Royal Mail ref no on my details..guess what it doesn't work... I have complained to PP...but is a real person there? I'm worried now that my hard earned pennies are lost....I really believe in bag kharma..

I would have LOVED that bag...

So send me some bloggy luck if you don't mind xxxx

Happy Saturday xx

Sam xx


Lavender hearts said...

Something happened to me when I was selling some things - it's probably not the seller it's more than likely paypal who are c****. The trouble is, paypal are intermediaries so payment is never guarenteed even though you pay through the nose for their services. The sale had cleared and I sent my goods and then paypal suddenly took the money back! Turns out the guy's bank thought it was fraudulent activity so had the right to cancel the transaction.

Lyn said...

Oh daer hope it turns up, I like the look of those cushions though, the bird one especially.

winnibriggs said...

Sending you all the lucky vibes possible! Hope the bag turns up. Real pooh when things go wrong!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I had something similar happen to me on ebay but I must say Paypal have been fab every time and refunded me. It annoys me when people give false royal mail numbers just to stall the payment return gggrrr. Karma will get them back don't worry.

JoJo said...

Would you like to come to my house and clean it now? I'll buy your plane ticket. ;p Little Sue is adorable!!! I hope you get your bag soon though!!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Love those cushions the strong colours are fab... and I bought a pair of (fake) uggs from a site that eluded to being in britain... I didn't know they were fake but they came from China... they took forever to arrive and I had written them off as a bad deal... but they did eventually turn up... however I am more loathed to trade with china etc... this however was not an eBay transaction... so give it a little longer I ordered a fat quarter of fabric and it took nearly a month to arrive... ;D

Fingers crossed it all works out in the end... especially as its a nice bag too!

x Alex

Anonymous said...
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