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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mum...I've found Dad's sprout!...

thats what I discovered whilst helping my mum clean up after Christmas... (During our festivities my Dad flicked a sprout off his plate...and well we forgot to look for it after!) but don't you find you want to have a good clean around after you have tidied away all the decorations?

I have had my own frenzy of cleaning the house (Its NEVER clean enough for me, the sunlight pours in here, and I can never get rid of all the dust!) and I also have had a little clean about on this blog too, after receiving the Blogging for Bliss book about 'dos and don'ts'  ...then I started to have a blog panic attack...

Do I waffle about Silkie Sue too much?

Are my photos pretty enough?

Is my house/life interesting enough?

Blimey how neurotic am I?

I'm all for a bit of Blogging rebellion...who wants to join in? :0)

Love Crazy Sam xx


Tea with Willow said...

Your post made me laugh! No, you absolutely *don't* talk about Silkie Sue too much ... she's adorable! Your life/home/photos *are* worth blogging about, because they are real, and belong to *you*. So, please keep blogging - just as you always do!!

Willow & Tom x

Tea with Willow said...

.... oh, and as for a bit of 'rebellion' ... I love the idea of your Dad flicking sprouts on Christmas day!! My kind of man!

Willow x

Lyn said...

We wouldnt read your blog if we didn't want too! We love your blog, have visions of your dad flicking a sprout, very funny!

Lost bears said...


jo said...

Happy New Year!!

Look forward to the Twilight pics!

Jo xx

Clare said...

Who wouldn't talk about SS? she looks so content in that picture all curled up. have a great 2010

Jemm said...

Oh, my goodness! Very funny. As far as your blog's lovely and why I keep coming back! Just be yourself :)

mommywend said...

What a fantastic sprout pic!!
Your blog is blooming great and how could you not have silkie....I love reading your blog!!

Fin said...

Hi so nice to meet you! Thanks for coming by my place. Mom has blog crisis of faith sometimes too. She even dreams of a blog of her own one day, but my paw is down on that one for now.

Josie-Mary said...

I think we should all rebel....I'd heard about that book & wouldn't mind having a look but I think your blog should be like you.
Glad you found the sprout....that sounds like something my dad would do! :)

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