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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Creative Spaces...

Its really important to me that when I'm working I'm surrounded by things I like, pictures that inspire me, infact I just love 'stuff' about me! The picture below has been my favourite place to paint at when I'm at home..probably because up until recently the Christmas Tree was here and I didn't want to sit anywhere else..

But my sad little box room has been ignored of late.. so I have decided to decamp upstairs again when I'm up to 'stuff', as although its the size of a cupboard, its actually a cozy spot..

a little space where I can have as much crochet little lost toys around me...

and I can occasionally nosey outside...(I have the best lookout spot to the outside from my Miss Silkiesue likes to sit on her lookout post..the brown drawers, so between us we miss nothing!)

Yes I admit it...I'm a curtain twitcher!!

Bye for now


Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I thought we were all curtain watchers!

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Oh, I added you here to my blogroll:
Arts & Craft Aficionados

Jemm said...

What a pretty place to work!

Josie-Mary said...

I would love a little cupboard to do my crafty things in :(

Tea with Willow said...

Oh, I can just imagine you and Silkie keeping a lookout from your little spot!! I love the teddy bear, I have one that looks very similar - in fact, must go for a rummage in the loft to find him .... see what you've started now!!

Willow x

ag said...

oh sam, I love your house! and what a beautiful photo on your mood board :).....I've seen these girls before

Florence and Mary said...

As much as I love sitting in bed with my laptop I do miss the curtain twitching I used to do out the window of the room we have our PC in!

Victoria xx

dottie angel said...

i do believe you are right about the postcard :) i have five of them, all found in the back of my gran's photo album. they are the lovely old ones that were colored in afterwards and she lived near devon... in fact my family are from the devon area and my brother who is a painter, lives in Bath...

the happiest of happy new years to you :)

Rubyred said...

I have been known on occasion to take part in a little curtain twitching! What a lovely little room!
Have a lovely weekend!
Rachel x

MelMel said...

How cosy your home looks.....xx

Michelle (Shell) May said...

A wonderful little spot in the world to watch curtains from and create magical works of art!

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