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Monday, 18 January 2010

I forgot my camera...

Stupid me left my camera at 'school'...other wise I would have shown you the lovely straw bag my friend Julia gave me for my birthday...and I would have shown you a photograph of me on a harness up an scary rope assault course in Bristol Zoo...(I don't do hights)

But have been busy gradually loading pictures onto my new blog (See the link at the side) ..which is really just a free on line if you are interested in the pictures I paint for my 'day' job you can see them there...(it will seem like I never update it as I keep adding the pictures on the first posting , just to make the layout nice and simple)

Thankyou for stopping by and leaving me such lovely messages...
Happy Monday
Love Sam and a very warm Miss Sue who is on my lap! xx


MelMel said...

How cute the bear it!xx

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Sam your illustrations are so charming, happy and wonderful! They make me smile every time I see them. Such talent you have!
Is your day job as fun as it looks?

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The Red Shoes
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