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Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Small Confession..

I have been unfaithful this week dear bloggers...I have been doing something that Cath Kidston I'm sure wouldnt approve of...
I have been having a spot of fun on something called an XBOX!!

Yes...I have been spending my evenings running about, chasing and shooting at my husband...and I love it!!

Mr M said I should confess.. but I have still managed to fit in a little bit of sewing...(Don't look Ag!) and I received the most generous secret santa present from my chum from work..Emily who I know went over budget.....

Now I have to to Christmas party tomorrow for I should try and prettify myself abit tonightxx

Heres to enjoying and not stressing over the Christmas period...

Sam xx


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Have fun at the party Sam and yes... here's to enjoying the season!
bunny hugs and Merry Christmas!

ag said...

oh oh oh .I can't wait to see a lovely creature being made.
thank you for your beautiful gifts Sam

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The Red Shoes
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