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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas is a funny time...

ooo the pressure...don't you think to make things perfect....? Completely by accident today I have come across the 'Kirstie's Homemade Home' programme and wow her house. Thats the kind of house that I can only dream of...but how can us normal every day working folk live up to that...I certainly can't...

But I have to love the episode that was on last night...all that making and crafting..and that is what I try to fill my time with especially when I'm feeling the pressure of a perfect christmas.

And before I forget I have to say a Huge thankyou to Jo who was my christmas stocking swap partner. Wow can this lady sew and what goodies she sent to me wrapped beautifully I was totally overwhelmed. (And sorry for pinching you pics too Jo...I kept taking photos in half light tonight and it just didn't do it justice!)
Jo very kindly sent me the most beautifully sewed things...a stocking, hat, mittens...make up roll and a Christmas really does amaze me how kind and generous new friends in blogland can be...(The middle picture was the bits and pieces I sent to Jo) Thankyou so much again xxx

I also forgot to say that the Christmas Radio times is out now which I was very chuffed to buy today as I have collected them for the past 6 years...I wish I had thought to keep them from years gone by especially from when I was about 9 or 10...cause I love looking back at all of the old adverts and tv listings...

I think I may do a little wrapping up tonight...with a lovely scented candle on the go...and if any of you out there in blogland are feeling the pressures of this festive time...please don't feel alone.. I think there might be a few of us!

Sam xx


made with love said...

it is a funny time. i am just coming to terms with the fact I have one child free day lft before Christmas and have a mountain of things to do.
you have made some lovely yhtings for your swap. I love those mittens that you were sent too. What lovely fabric she has used.
Keep calm and carry on as they say.
Rachael XX

Tea with Willow said...

Ooh, what lovely handcrafted gifts Sam, you must have been so excited opening the parcel!

I know what you mean about feeling under pressure too, I get quite panicky thinking that everything's got to be wrapped (and hidden!) before the children break up on the 18th!

Willow xx

Josie-Mary said...

I brought my TV guide yesterday, love seeing what's on but never have time to watch it all :(
Goodies look great :) x

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The Red Shoes
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