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Monday, 21 December 2009

Dear SaNti ClaUse....

Dear Santi...
My name is Silkie Sue, and I thought I would have a go at writing you a letter.
The thing is all I can think about day and night, night and day is PrAwNs...
I love them more than anything, more than snoozing more than laps....maybe NOT as much
as the warm space left in the bed by my Dad...but nearly..

So as I have been a ReAlly ReAllY gooD PusSy Cat CoUld I HavE somE PrAwns for KitMasS????

Lots of LOVE

Miss SiLkiE Sue


Mrs C said...

Hey Silkie
Just leave me some Catnip and cream and the Prawns are yours!

Mrs C
Santas Secretary

made with love said...

How sweet. Merry Christmas silkie
Rachael XX

Clare said...

Wishing you lots of prawny goodness silkie sue!

Lavender hearts said...

Rosie would be asking 'santa claws' for go-cat biscuits - she goes mental for them!

Lyn said...

Oh Silkie Sue, hope you get what you wish for from Santa!

Country Cottage Chic said...

All good cats should have prawns & salmon for Christmas dinner!

Purdy & Pippa (Country Cottage Cats)

Katie said...

Merry Christmas, Silkie! Have a fabulous festive season and I hope Santa brings you some prawns. We're hoping for lots of turkey and maybe a new to, Tinker and Phoebe xx (Textile Treasure Seeker cats)

Jemm said...

How sweet! Very clever. Have a Merry Little Christmas Sam!!

Tea with Willow said...

Oh, I do hope Silkie Sue gets her wish of prawns for Christmas day ... Tom would positively sell his soul for a bit of Tuna ... here's hoping?!

Willow xx & Tom xxx

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