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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Pick me ...pick me!

Well its the end of another busy week - busy working - busy working on my own things..and today I'm sure there were some leaves coming down...and its torrential rain outside...but I don't mind!

Maybe I'll have to dust off my witches broom and cauldron...

Well maybe not quite yet...


Love Sam xx


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Summer is tommorrow ... looks like we might be gettting some sunshine... shame I will be spending the day filling the washing machine and putting it on the line I need a tumble dryer or a conservatory! ;D

I love the doggy, I would definately pick him!

x Alex

Floss said...

I hope you get your sunshine soon! Thanks so much for the lovely magazine and goodies you posted me - we really loved that hand-painted gift tag! I shall post about what you sent me soon, because it's so lovely to have some English stuff out here!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

You are well and truly picked!
Have a lovely weekend
Love Sarah x

Bagladee said...

Ah that little doggy is so cute. x

sharie said...

Get out the couldron! Put on your robes and I'll join you in summoning better weather ;-)

MelMel said...

We have had so much rain today!
Managed to get a short walk in tho, so that was good!

I so love the doggy picture, so cute!
Have a super weekend!xx

jane and the happy crow said...

Rain, sun, rain, sun doesnt know what its doing! Hope you get some sun soon. I love this painting, what a little sweetheart. Jane xxx

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