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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Making friends...sort of

A couple of weeks ago I received a crochet kitty out of the blue from Dotty Dotty, how sweet was that? So I thought I would post some pictures.

Now my crochet kitty has decided that normally she would like to sit by the front door, but as It was warm today she thought she would try out the conservatory and make friends with Silkie, who to be fair is a little crabby as like me she is fed up with the heat.

I don't think they are quite sure of each other at the moment..... so off she goes back to the hall...


Sam xxx


Anonymous said...

LOL that is so fun lovley to see her in her new home


Bagladee said...

Ah bless :D xx

Jessi said...

silkie is so pretty sam.. and yes i don't think she looks too impressed with hr new "friend"

Moe said...

Ah they are both so cute, I love the new kitty almost as much as the old one! Can you also e mail me when you get a chance Sam?
Moe x

Lyn said...

My cat batters everything with her paw so your crochet kitty should think herself lucky!

lou said...


Love Lou xxx

Jemm said...

How cute! Have I ever told she looks a lot like our kitty? I love when cats look out the window. I don't know why, but it seems so cozy looking.

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