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Sunday, 19 July 2009

A little up date... EDIT!

Blimey..this extra nap of mine today thanks to 'The Sue' has given me a bit of a boost!
Now I'm still waiting for a few bits, but I have set up another blog...just peek to the right... go on and!

Gingerwine (Me!) Gallery...

Now this could end in complete disaster - but as Mr M said to me a couple of times (now I'm not sure if this is a quote from Yoda in starwars...if you don't keep trying 100% you will have a chance to succeed, and if you don't try at all you can only fail 100%.

(It sounded much better and shorter when he said it..)

So fingers crossed and a few cans of red bull later I am hoping to list a few pictures...mounted ready to be time for my 1st year of blogging...

Oh and there will be a little giveaway to celebrate!

Bye again!


PS I have just told Mr M that i quoted which he burst out laughing when I read to him my version of his 'Yoda' quote - he wanted to me to pass on to you that he isnt really a complete twit!

Apparently 'Yoda' says if you never give up you can never fail....

Made me chuckle !!



Bagladee said...

Beautiful butterfly!! Off to check out the new blog. :) x

Simon said...

Delightful your butterfly is, mmm!



LissyLou said...

I love the butterfly - what a beautiful colour!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Wise words from the Yoda man! I love the blue butterfly what a beautiful shade of blue. I am going to see the new baby blog! Well done you, love Sarah x

Florence and Mary said...

Well done for setting up your new blog, it's a great idea.

Victoria xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Good luck with your new blog - looking forward to seeing more!


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