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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mrs Steptoe...

Mr M started humming the tune to a very well know 1970s comedy this morning as he walked into the box room aka my craft room. The problem is that I love all things retro - including things from the 70's, for example I discovered a lovely bamboo magazine rack in a charity shop that I thought would be and is ideal for my painting to sit in as I do them...

Mr M didn't think the lovely blogging fraternity would get my hotch potch collection of 'stuff'

So here I am this afternoon armed with a bin bag trying to have a tidy it was and is a bit of a pickle.

Don't think I'm ready to be a rag and bone lady yet!

Trouble is I think I'm fighting my rather late 70's taste in bric a brac...

Happy Sunday

Love Sam x

PS Mr M said he would buy me a stuffed owl...I think I would quite like one....;0)


Anonymous said...

Hi thank's for stopping by my blog...we ginger's must stick together!

Country Cottage Chic said...

So? What's wrong with the 70's? A lot of us grew up then & although we may look funny in photos we did have fun!


MelMel said...

70's are cool!

Bet you have a load of fab stuff!

Hope you manage to sneak most it back into place...tteeehheee!xxx

Clare said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of 70's!

Floss said...

I have a fantastic 60s/70s work basket (a big one) that I picked up at a Vide Greniers this summer - I bet it would look great in your room! I seem to be having a 30's thing myself - I've been watching 'O Brother Where Art Thou?' again and everything I buy looks like a prop from the film (albeit French).

Shabby Chick said...

If you like it, who cares?! My brother used to call me Steptoe to wind me up!

Mel xxx

Floss said...

Hello again, Mrs Steptoe. I have posted a big thank you to you on my blog today - I really love the magazine and bits and bobs you sent me! Thanks.

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