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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

This weeks obsession...

I think its something bout this time of year especially that gets me really nostalgic...(Hold on....I'm nostalgic at the best of times!) Now I never had an original flight bag, but in a favourite film of mine with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (The V.I.P's...mental note must watch soon its set at London Airport), they travel by BOAC, and you can see in the back ground the lovely interiors, and clothes and I happened to spot a flight bag...Now I would be more inclined to travel by plane if you still got these!
Can you spot Margaret Rutherfords.........
I can feel another ebay hunt coming on!
Happy Tuesday Bloggers!

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JoJo said...

If you were on Facebook I'd hook you up with my dear friend Chip, who is very much into classic, old movies and the elegant stars who were in them.

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The Red Shoes
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