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Thursday, 1 December 2011

I couldn't resist....

oooo I finally got one...a little very loved and worn Chicaboo. Shes got a bit of dirty face, and shes very loved, buts smells lovely!....It really made my day...almost like my Chicaboo from 1981 has come back to me:0)
I regretted very much getting rid of mine years ago...and thanks to marvelous ebay I'm on a mission to get a few nostalgic bits and bobs.. I can feel a hunt for some old board games coming on... anyone fancy a game of monopoly?

Sam xx


MelMel said...

I had one of those.....happy days!!!!
I had it for Christmas one year and was so pleased to own one.....she was the "it" toy that Christmas!

So pleased you found her!xxx

Homebird said...

I had one too!! What a blast back to my childhood! Thanks :)

chi said...

Hi Sam!!! I love chickaboo too!!! Yay! I have the vintage chicaboo too!! Big one and small one!! :)

I miss my childhood chickaboo so much and the last year i bought it from ebayer from japan!!! Did you know chickaboo(we call monchhichi) came from japan?
Chickaboo sure is cute!

Stanley and little sue said hi!:D


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