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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

This week I'm...

mainly obsessed with Maggie Smith..
After watching the VIP's last of my all time favourite films..I decided to take lots of screen grabs..and annoyingly none of them came out!
I love everything in the film, the clothes, the actors, the sets, just everything about it I love. Maggie Smith is soo sweet in I'm hoping to figure out my technical problem, 'grabbing' screen shots...which I promise to put up! So now I'm on a mission to watch vintage Maggie Smith films...just wish I had more time to watch old films!!
Be back soon bloggers!


JoJo said...

My fellow Vincent D'Onofrio fan friends use a screen cap program to grab stills from movies and TV shows.

The Frog's Eyebrows said...

Hi Sam, thank you for your lovely comment. All I do to take my screen caps is to download the .avi file of the movie on my Mac, then watch it in full screen mode and press Command-Shift-3 whenever I want to take a screen shot. It's very easy and requires no additional software. Hope this helps, I love The VIPs too.

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