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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Oh Liz....

I'm sure you must have heard that Elizabeth Taylor's belongings were being auctioned this week...

I have to admit I felt kind of sad, when I spotted this picture of her wedding dress, jewels and a photo of her wedding to Richard Burton..

Look at her bags...what I would do to get hold of one!..I would LOVE an autograph, but sadly they are WAY out of my price range..

Love this pic..David Bowie looks a bit scared!!

Always love you Elizabeth!!
S x


JoJo said...

Wouldn't be cool to own something of hers? it's very sad when a person dies and their stuff is disposed of.

Lyn said...

I hear they ARE MAKING A FILM ABOUT THEM BOTH....What a love story!

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The Red Shoes
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