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Friday, 6 May 2011

Warm here today my Bloggy Friends!

Phew...suddenly got rather warm here in the city of Bath where I work.
Wanted to share with you a really cool website I have just discovered called Pinterest it is literally a digital pin board..where you can search random images...

How cute?!!

How on earth did they get the lil fox to stay still?

The above photo is of a very famous painter..whose name I have instantly forgotten to write down with his kitty!! (If anyone know who he is could you message me?)

Vivienne Leigh and her Kitty..(can u spot a theme here?)

And Jane Fonda...
Sorry as you can see I'm rather in love with animals.....Cats especially !!
Love Sam xx


JoJo said...

Great pictures. I love the one of the little girl and the fox.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who the man is in the photograph, but I know Gustav Klimt was a cat lover.


Lyn said...

It's Henri Matisse I think Sam, and Klimt was also a great lover of cats as Celadon2 says. Like this theme, but then again I would!

Caroline said...

The painter is very defenitely Henry Matisse! If you love colour, you will love his paintings too!

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The Red Shoes
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