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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Well, in preparation for our hopeful a house with a much improved kitchen...I have started to
take a 'small' interest in cooking..

I love being as thrifty as I can, and here in the UK - a well known supermarket called Sainsburys is running a campaign at the mo, to feed a family of 4 for £50 a week. (Theres only 2 of us and a spoilt Pussy Cat, but that doesn't matter)

Now I have made a couple of the meals already, and they have made a huge difference to my purse...

But randomly I have just found this website that I wanted to share with you..

It looks amazing bloggers...check it out!!

Lots of bargain meal plans for these thrifty times!!

Happy Sunday!

Love Sam xx


Ali said...

Thank you for the link. I need any inspiration I can get!!

smilernpb said...

I've seen the feed a family of four for £50 on the Sainsbury's website, but haven't looked at it in too much detail - what are the meals like? xx

Pene said...

Do you know I 've seen the Ads for sainsburys and didn't beleive it but have to say followed your link to the resourceful cook and see it could be possible!!Thanks for the hint

hannahknight said...

Hello Lovely Lady!

Don't you worry about the cooking- we can share duties soon!

I was just having a quick squizz at your page to look at your toys! Love them! Clever girlie!

Can't wait to see you soon!

soggibottom said...

I saw that :-) Good luck with your cooking, I'll only go into the kitchen under extreme circumstances Just as well as I can't cook :-)xxx

JoJo said...

I checked out the link and saw some great recipes! Thanks!

Son of Quint said...

We can have weekend cookery school after you move, Han and I can show teach you all about economy gastronomy :)

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