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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lost at Sea..

Hey Bloggers ..hows u?

Well I've lost my blogging voice a bit at the mo, lots of things are going on, I feel like I'm lost at sea!

We are waiting to hear about things to do with our move to the country, so I've completely lost interest in my current abode at the moment, and I had a rather stressful weekend last week, which I won't bore you with. But hopefully next week we will hear every thing is ok!

We are part exchanging our house, so we can move without the worry of selling this place, although it is still stressful waiting for the morgage to come through, we've had people coming into look while we are at work, so I was worrying about poor Silkie who is SOOOO nervous of strangers. So I have been squirting Feliway about for her, and in the last month she has decided that her favourite place to sleep in or on is an old sleeping bag I washed one day, she gets in it and sleeps on it ALL the time, and I refuse to move it for the viewings...

And speaking of dear Sue, she had a bit of an episode last night. We think she had an epileptic fit last night, completely out of the blue, which really frightened Mr M (And poor Sue Boo) as she was asleep on his lap, then completely slumped, then suddenly freaked out, twisting and flipping, scratching and panting.

Anyway - we phoned the vets, and she's going in for a blood test Tuesday...I know she's an elderly cat, but I want her with me for as long as possible...cause we love that darn cat  ;0)

And I REALLY wanted that Pippa Middleton Modalu Bag - but couldn't justify buying it, so I thought I would sell a few bits on ebay, to fund it...and guess what..they've ALL sold out.

Has anyone got one to sell?


Any way - enough of my grumbles...I'm doing some admin for the husband today..but its not all bad - I can watch some films while I'm doing it.

Hope you have a lovely weekend..

And if you have any tips about moving a cat to a new house, I would be very grateful. Sue's going into a cattery while the actual move (Fingers crossed) happens..but any advise would be very gratefully received xx

Love Sam xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,
I spoke to your lovely husband earlier and just wanted to let you know that we are all wishing you well with your move. Hope you have some good news soon.
Simon x

mrspao said...

Hope your move goes well. Putting kitty in a cattery is a good idea and putting Bach Rescue remedy in his/her water does help calm them down before and after.

JoJo said...

Poor Sue! I hope she's on the mend soon and doesn't suffer any further seizures!

Good luck with your move. I'm in the throes of packing, cleaning and donating/tossing. It's not fun, but I think about how fun it will be to unpack it at the other end!

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