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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The karate kid - all grown up!!

I don't know how I missed this - Ralph Macchio aka the Karate Kid was on America's Dancing with the starts!!

I had a HUGE crush on him in 1986 when I watched the sequel...seriously!!

Look at him now!! - 49 years young and boy can he dance!!

Sad thing is he got booted off the show...

I still love you Ralph xxxx

Oh and talking of love...ooooo I have a knew bag crush..

I know, I know - its true I love the Middleton Girlies - especially Kate - she ooooozes style, and her sister Pippa doesn't look too bad either!..

She has been seen with a Modalu Bag...which I covert...hint hint..

Theres a waiting list now - so I would be able to get one for a while...I'm so over Mulberry...well not really don't think that will ever happen!

Happy Wednesday Bloggers

Love the mad bag lady Sam xx

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JoJo said...

In all these years I've never once seen The Karate Kid. I thought Ralph was adorable in The Outsiders.

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The Red Shoes
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