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Monday, 7 February 2011

I Love Doggies too!

I have been looking at these lovely dogs for ages on the Northfield Primitive Blog and well
I just clicked purchase!!

Isn't he adorable - I have a little stack of vintage suitcases he will be popped the front room!

Oooo dontya love crafty bloggers? and I have to say such a good price to boot too!

Have a good Monday dear Bloggers!

Love Samxx


Northfield Primitives said...

Thank-you Sam for purchasing one of the little fox terriers on wheels. I will be making one especialy for you, and should have it ready to post at the beginning of next week (sooner if I can). Thank-you also for your kind words about Polly. It is getting a little easier each week, and I am fortunate that I have the distraction of lots of orders to keep my mind and fingers busy! Sarah x

JoJo said...

Wow that really looks vintage, I thought it was an antique!

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The Red Shoes
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