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Monday, 21 February 2011

Help Bear Makers - aging Fur...

Hey bloggers..

Just a quicky little ask really..

Can anyone advise me on the best way to 'rough up' my toy Bagpusses fur? Its a man made fur, not like
the lovely mohair you can get?

Basically I want him to look 'roughed' up like the original...

Any tips would be very appreciated!


Sam xxx


Lyn said...

I am of no use I am afraid Sam! hope you get him good and roughed up!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Not sure as I don't make bears but how about some hair wax, that would add texture.

JoJo said...

what about a wire hairbrush?

soggibottom said...

Depends how rough or old you would like him to look. You could put him in the washing machine after dragging him around the garden. Leaving him out in the rain for the weather to get to him.... ah, no, not joking. Lots of ways to age material. :-) x x x Even man made fibre x

Kati said...

Sending fan <3! Thaks for sharing, please visit my blog if you get a chance!

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