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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Clangers and Cozies!

Well...I have been having a bit of a crafting was long over due..!!

To start off with a couple of years ago, my mum knitted me a clanger from the original pattern that was actually used on the 1970s tv show.

But its been sat in my knitting bag since then - as I was never happy with the colour  - too bright pink..
But I happened apon an some info on the WWW, and apparently they dyed the wool in tea..

So I'm hoping to fiddle about with my clanger this week, currently in the airing cupboard drying..

I have also purchased a new sewing machine.

My previous...'mini' sewing machine broke twice, and as lovely as it is, my 'foot crushing' far too heavy old sewing machine is well...far too heavy. Its that heavy if you dropped it well...its too horrible to think a nice sensible fairy light sewing machine is now on my desk and has been used to make an IMAC cozy for my good friend Ag..

Its sews like a dream..

And heres a little pix of Ags Owl IMAC cozy

Hope she likes it...Ag loves the colour red..

I also received my Doggie from Northfield Primatives...Beautifully made, and such a reasonable price considering all the hardwork that went into making him.. Go on bloggers treat yourself!

Stanley my Mohair Doggy that I made reached Russia safely...he has gone to live in Moscow...can you believe it?...He was very excited about it :0)...Between me and you he found living in the west country far too boring..!

Right I'm off...bit hungry...and I'm so in the mood for watching old movies at the moment...

I watched Yield to the Night this morning..with Diana Dors

Its a tale of Murder Love and can watch it on the internet.

I blubbed my way through it I have to admit!..

Have a great Sunday Bloggers...don't work too hard, or do too much house work!!

Love Sam xx


Ali said...

Great post that brought back memories with the soup dragon - take care sorting your clanger out lol (sorry cant help having a little snigger at that :-)) Fab sewing xx

JoJo said...

Great crafts and post! I've never heard of Clangers though!

Northfield Primitives said...

Oh, I loved the Clangers when I was a kid!
Your little doggie looks like he has settled in well. Hope he is behaving himself! Sarah x

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